About Scholastic Book Clubs

Three times a year, we reveal a brand new Book Club selection of quality children's books. The books we offer are carefully chosen to get children reading for pleasure - and to keep them reading right through their teenage years.

Why take part in a Scholastic Book Club?

  • Free delivery to your school and home address.*

    * Valid on orders above ₹500

  • Discover great new books from only ₹125.00.
  • Children can choose books they want to read

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How does a Book Club work?

  • A staff member at school sets up a new Book Club order via our website. It’s quick and easy enough to do during a coffee break.
  • Schools running online-only Book Clubs share their unique Scholastic website address with parents. If the school has received leaflets, these are handed out to the children to take home.
  • Parents and children go online or look through their leaflets to browse the latest Book Club range.
  • Parents order and pay securely online, or return leaflet order forms and cash to school.
  • The Book Club organiser checks their order out via our website.
  • The books are delivered to school for FREE.

Run a Book Club today