Help and frequently asked questions

Can the school place a second order, or an order after the return-by date?

Additional orders for the current and previous issue of Book Club can be placed after your first order has been sent to Scholastic. Follow the same ordering procedure as for a normal order.

Does Scholastic charge shipping and handling fees?

We do not charge handling fees on Book Club orders. Nor is there any surcharge on delivery.

How are the books packed when they are delivered to the school?

All student orders are individually packed according to the classrooms for easy distribution by their respective class teachers.

How can I contact you?

We’re always pleased to help with any queries you may have.

Call us between 9am – 5pm India time on:18001031099

Email us at:

How can I get my books delivered to my child’s school?

If your child’s school has a Book Club order open you can have your books delivered to the school for FREE . This will be as part of the whole school’s order that will be distributed to the children in class. Your child’s teacher would have sent you their school’s link. Once you click on that link, your order will automatically get added to the school’s order.
Alternatively, as you go through the checkout and get to the delivery screen, you will be able to choose the school for your delivery address. If this is not an option then the school does not have a Book Club order open. You will need to check with the school to find out when this will be available.

How can the school get the parents involved?

Attach a note to the student catalog reminding parents of the due date for orders.
You may want to send a letter home with the first Book Club offer encouraging them to participate.
Let parents know how important a home filled with books is for creating a lifelong reader.
Keep parents up-to-date on featured books that supplement what you are doing in the classroom.
Be sure to remind them, again, about the Book Clubs on Parent-Teacher meetings.

How do I remove a school from the list of schools in the header?

To remove a school from your list of schools at the top of the page just go to your Manage Account page, scroll down the page until you see your list of schools and then select the ‘remove’ cross on the right-hand side. (Please note: If you have asked us to deliver an order to this school you will not be able to delete it.)

How long will it take for my books to be delivered?

This will depend on how you long your child’s school has kept the order open. Your school’s book club organizer will be able to give you this information. Once the school order is checked out, Scholastic will deliver the order to the school within 10 working days.

What are Champ, Ace and Star?

They are the three clubs that offer books from Preschool to Secondary levels.

  • Junior: Nursery to Kindergarten
  • Champ: Classes 1 to 3
  • Ace: Classes 4 and 5
  • Star: Classes 6 to 8

What are Scholastic Book Clubs?

Scholastic Book Clubs are exclusively school-based clubs that offer teachers and parents an easy way to purchase the best children’s books and teaching resources at affordable prices.

What are the different payment methods?

All online orders must be paid for by a credit or a debit card.

What books can be found in the Book Clubs brochure?

Chosen by expert editors, the selections cover a wide variety of formats, genres and themes. They include classics, award winners, recently released titles and books related to other popular children’s media such as movies and television shows.

Children improve their reading skills by reading, so providing the books they will want to read is a priority.

For reluctant readers, reading practice is encouraged by the inclusion of such items as graphic novels, puzzles, activity packs and games.

What is my credit card’s CVV number?

Your card’s security code is the final three digits found on the signature strip on the reverse of your card.

What is Scholastic Book Club’s Shipping, Delivery and Refund Policy?

All student orders will be shipped to the school’s address within 10 working days from the time the school’s order is checked out. Refunds will be processed within 3 working days from the time of request.

With regard to online book club execution – delivery & shipping related any concern by Scholastic India Only. If Parent have any concern over this process they can reach out to the below mentioned email id and contact detail.

Email ID:-
PHONE No:- 0124-4842800

Why should schools participate in Book Clubs?

Running Book Clubs is rewarding for students because they would have access to quality children’s literature at affordable prices!
They also:
• Generate excitement around books and reading
• Feature the very best imported books from US, UK, Australia, India, Canada and many more
• Provide access to books at discounted prices
• Encourage recreational reading
• Earn schools valuable Bonus Points to redeem resources needed to enhance the school learning environment